Falling pregnant with PCOS

After a whole year of following ‘everything happens for a reason’ i did not fall pregnant. Very strange when you hear people skip one day of the pill and conceive.

After a visit to a gynocologist and an ultrasound, specialists confirmed I had PCOS.

This answered many questions as I struggled with all the symptoms for years and didn’t believe that these recurrent issues were normal. And so they weren’t, I was producing high levels of testosterone.
The cysts covered both ovaries so they recommended trying clomid to help conceive but no promises this would work. A quick google search on reviews made the pill look very impressive.

I always dreamt of having kids in my lifetime but the thought of never having children was depressing. This sparked a whole lot of emotions and ofcourse I wanted to find out what the results may be as this would change my future drastically. Unfortunately we knew our options and had to plan our first child, so if it were to happen it wasn’t a surprise.

First round out of 3 courses of the medication was taken. I were to follow strict instructions to ensure I had the best of chances for it to work. I would find out via blood test whether it were successful.

The blood test taken from the first round resulted in negative. Only two more chances and what’s the bet they won’t work? So disappointing.

A few weeks later, I felt so nauseous and this had been happening for weeks. I took a test and wow it was positive! Great outcome and later I found out the blood test was taken too early. I managed to fall pregnant under unnatural circumstances so I was worried this baby could have growth & development problems.

In every ultrasound I had, my cysts hadn’t changed and didn’t affect my baby at all. He was growing perfectly. All the symptoms from PCOS weren’t noticeable as my hormones were all over the show growing a human. My skin didn’t worsten which is one positive!

I’m extremely happy that my boy is now one and healthy. Plunket checks confirm he is mentally and physically on point so I’m very fortunate to have a healthy baby boy. If you have problems conceiving and your symptoms match up to PCOS, I highly recommend Clomid.



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