Pregnancy #1

Finding out I was pregnant solved a lot of mysteries. For weeks I weren’t myself. All the food I would normally eat would disgust me and sitting in the car for 15 minutes, left me violently ill. Plastic bags were always on standby and regularly used. Suspicion took over… 3 positive home tests later and having my doctor confirm my inkling. I was officially 7 weeks along. How exciting to begin a new chapter in life.

During my first trimester, I had a bit of a binge on food that I avoided for so long. Just savoury and remained sugar free. Sausage rolls and pies were my favourite and what a good excuse to indulge because I was going to get big anyway. I couldn’t stomach the food I was use to eating so at least something was going down. After enduring numerous days of losing all what I ate, I wanted to get back on track and give my baby the nutrients he needed. I had put on 7 kilos. Constantly fatigued and sickly summed up the first 12 weeks. 

11 weeks pregnant:

After many attempts of trying to start clean, I had control within my second trimester. Morning sickness eased and energy levels spiked. I followed my fitness pal and had restricted calories, I made sure I went on 5 walks per week and reached my goal of 10,000 steps. I noticed the baby weight was basically just my stomach and felt really good inside and out. This would be the easiest trimester with no issues. 

20 weeks pregnant:

During the third trimester, aches and pains were common. My stomach muscles were stretching an movement from bub was uncomfortable. Being exhausted and lacking energy kicked in and the dreaded sickness was back. 5 days of working was too much, I cut down to 4. There weren’t a day in the last few weeks where I didn’t nap on my 3 days off.  I reduced my days of exercise to 4 but remained steady with counting calories. I was over the whole pregnancy by 35 weeks.

36 weeks and 5 days:

At 37 weeks and one day, my boy was born weighing 7 pound 9. My waters broke at 11pm on the 17th of May, contractions started at 12pm then at 4am on the 18th of May, he was in my arms. Being in labour was horrible, I had severe nausea and received the epidural but unfortunately this was blocked. The gas didn’t help at all. Thankfully it was pretty  quick compared to what most first time mothers experience. My body had no damage and recovery would be easy. I lost 5 kgs immediately.

One week post pregnancy:

Weeks to come I was very disappointed as the weight wouldn’t budge. I started walking a week after birth and took my son with me- rain or shine. Slowly the weight would fall off, stretch marks started to fade and I got down to 50kgs within 5 months. I didn’t breast feed because my son had upper and lower tongue tie, I reduced carbs and did 30 minutes of weights per day, 5 days a week. 

5 months post pregnancy:



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