Rook Piercing

Last Saturday, I decided I wanted something new. I needed to make a change and I decided a new piercing would be fun. After looking online at a few different options, I wanted something dainty and cute that I haven’t seen many people in NZ have.

I decided on a Rook piercing, it looked as though it would be pretty painful due to the amount of cartilage the piercing goes through. But I thought what the heck! I have other piercings, and I just always remind myself its 2 minutes of pain (plus healing) for a lifetime of enjoyment.

So, I went and picked up Jamie and we drove to the piercing shop. I was nervous, not going to lie, but once id signed the consent form and sat down the nerves subsided. The lady was really good at making me feel comfortable, and everyone was talking as though nothing was about to happen. This cost me $50 NZD including the plain jewellery.

I thought she had only applied the clamp but it was the needle! Nope.. my ear went numb with a hot feeling flooding towards it. Then the pain stopped. She said she just needed to pop the jewellery through and I couldn’t believe it! It was over! The hot feeling remained but there was no pain from then on. In my opinion, it hurt less than a lobe piercing!

It did bleed a little, but I know thats normal. The cleaning is a bit tender as you would expect from a new piercing, but as I am sitting here writing this, I feel no pain. I could sleep on it from the first night which is impressive for a new piercing.

If you’ve been thinking about getting this, I would highly recommend as its not as bad as you may think!! Now.. what can I get done next… 🙂

Photo below, just after I’ve cleaned it so its looking a bit tender. I LOVE it! 🙂




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