I Tried Dermaplaning

Last week, I was watching YouTube when a recommended video popped up on my screen about Dermaplaning. I clicked on the video, and watched a very informative step by step guide into the process.

Although the video is labeled as ‘How I Shave My Face’, Dermaplaning is much more than that. Yes, the hair on your face will be removed as a by-product of the procedure, but the amount of exfoliation this provided was amazing! As I mentioned in a previous post, I am currently on Accutane and as such, I have a lot of dead skin floating around on my face. My trilogy exfoliator just wasn’t quite cutting it, and I was back to using my soap bar to wash my face.

So, I ordered some of the little razors the lady in the video recommended, and 2 days later they arrived. Here are the ones I used:


I was pretty nervous to start, as I didn’t want to get a shaving rash all over my face! But rest assured, I didn’t. I washed my face in the shower, dried off my face, and got started. The blade was nice and sharp and therefore just glided over my skin. The amount of dead skin that came off my forehead was amazing, I didn’t have that much skin come off around the rest of my face but I knew it was doing its job. I gently glided the razor over my nose, and a whole heap of blackhead plugs popped out!

The other thing that these are great for, is tidying up all of the small hairs around my eyebrows that I could only get rid of when I got them waxed. As I am on Accutane, it is recommended not to get any waxing done as there is a chance it will pull of the skin as well as the hair – ouch!

It has now been 5 days since I did my face, and it is still very soft. I am yet to feel any hair growing back, or see any which is great. I am finding that when I wash my face and then apply my moisturiser, if feels as though it is getting right into my skin, rather than sitting on the surface.

I will do another update, when it comes time to doing this again. But if you’ve been thinking about attempting this at home I would highly recommend, rather than going to get a facial! It’s extremely cheap (I only paid $2.50 for the pack of three razors) and you can do it at your own pleasure. It felt like a bit of a pamper session!





3 thoughts on “I Tried Dermaplaning

    1. Rachel Smith says:

      I would highly recommend doing it yourself if you feel comfortable to do so! The second time I did this, I noticed a lot more dead skin flaking off rather than hair! Resulting in smooth skin that my face products skink into beautifully (:

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