Rook Piercing Update

So its been 2 weeks and 2 days since I got my rook pierced!

I feel like I’ve come so far in that time, and heres why..

Day One – Zero pain, like none. I couldn’t believe it, if I had my memory wiped and you told me I had my rook pierced – I wouldn’t have believed you!

Day Three – The dull throb seemed to kick in, and my ear was extremely hot. I think this may be because I accidentally slept on my ear last night. Although there was no pain in doing so I feel like the pressure annoyed the piercing a bit. I was still using my antibacterial soap.

Day Four- I decided to ditch the soap, and only use water and clean off the site with a cotton tip after showering. I noticed that there was a lot of crusties on my ear, so I stayed persistent with the hot water soaks.

Day Six – The throb went away, but still very tender to the touch. Queue paranoia about the piercing being infected and frantic google searches. Don’t worry… this is normal. Phew!

Day Thirteen – The the crusties started to subside and I could now move the jewellery without any pain to clean the other side of the piercing. You will know what I mean if you have this piercing, or maybe not, but my jewellery seemed to be leaning one way and very painful upon moving the other.

Day Sixteen- (Today) This was the first day I could successfully clean the ear without it hurting a teeny bit after. I was quite happy about this as I feel like I’m making good progress!

Day after piercing
Day One VS. Day Thirteen To Show Swelling


I think me ditching the antibacterial soap was a good idea, as it is not as sore / may be other reasons.

I am in LOVE with this piercing! Every time I catch it in the mirror I love the way it looks! its still quite swollen, which I’ve read is normal. The pain around my ear and in the back of my ear has gone down drastically! Time to plan my next one… or three 😉


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